Electricity Solo

from by Tomás Ford

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The first track from Nobody Wants To Be You features spoken word over bass sweeps and glitchy beats. In 2005, a lot of my live sets sounded like this as I explored what I could do with spoken word performance. It's probably my favourite of all the spoken word pieces I've done; it's one of the only ones I still perform, as it can be very powerful with the right audience.

I wrote the first draft of this piece directly after the events it describes transpired, in a corner at a small party happening in my backyard.


The electricity coils zap blue every time a droplet of moisture hits
There's mist
Mist is gallons of water suspended across cubic meters
The zap is a constant crackle
Constant electric blue
It's not an ugly colour
But it's too close:
The stobing pole would hit my house
wires zapping, electrifying the tin roof
and therefore everything else.
I stop leaning against the flyscreen.
There's no way I could take that amount of electricity.
The moisture makes my skin clammy
gallons of water
constant electric
mist conducts electricity
I should call Western Power.
Going in for a closer look,
The hairs on my arm stand on end
I'm sure if I was five years old and living at home, Dad would tell me this is normal in mist
If I was living at home these days Dad would probably expect me to have grown out of this by now
Dad probably does expect I've grown out of this by now

Western Power Hotline: Freecall 1800 622 008
* Faulty street lights * Termite damage to power poles

Nothing about constant electric blue.
Dad would tell me this is normal.
But would he then hold my hand a little tighter
And walk a little faster?
There's mist
If I called Western Power they would tell me this is normal in mist
The hairs on my arm stand on end when I get near it
I should call Western Power
I don't want to die a freak death

1800 622 008

They send someone out to tell me this is normal
in a fatherly tone.


from Nobody Wants To Be You, track released May 27, 2006
Written, recorded and mixed by Tomás Ford in 2006.